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Best Lingerie Type For Your Body

Posted by Annalisa Santos on

Lingerie is designed to flatter the female figure. A nice piece or set highlights a woman’s unique femininity and makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and beautiful. Whether it is worn for some fancy event or simply for yourself, the perfect piece of lingerie has the ability to instantly boost any woman’s confidence. It seems that the world of lingerie is a treasure chest of clothes for ladies of all figures. This information gives you a variety of lingerie for different body figures.

When selecting your lingerie, it is vital to decide whether or not you want to intensify your natural figure or balance out your proportions. From there, you can choose the best quality lingerie patterns to assist you to find the perfect lingerie for you.


Here are the list of body types and the best lingerie you can use to match with it.

  • Hourglass Shape

This type of shape has no worry about finding the perfect lingerie that matches your body. Women with hourglass figure looks good in all lingerie style but you can also try; thongs, teddy, corset, v-cut panties, and garter belt 

  • Inverted Triangle Shape

The teddy is your secret weapon when it comes to this shape. It will make your shoulders slim and elongate the body while appearing attractive and confident at the same time. Keep your bras simple, plain and smooth. When it comes to panties, choose ruffles and frills to stabilize your shape.

  • Triangle Shape

If you want to flaunt your hips, a teddy, thong, brassiere or v-cut panties will draw the attention of your hips. But if you want to balance out your figure, your top part should be the one getting the attention. You can fabulously use corset, bustier, push up bra and babydoll. 

  • Rectangle Shape

If you have this body type, you might want to draw attention in the waist area so you can use corsets and bustiers with ruffles and lacey styles and is made up of fabrics like silk and satin.

  • Apple Shape

These are women who have wide hips and a large bust. Shapewear will help you enhance your curves and flaunt your hips even better. For your bust, you can use chemise to draw more attention to your cleavage.
Embrace your body shape and no matter what they say, your body will always be beautiful. Show off your great legs, sultry shoulders, wide hips or other body assets. Flaunt all the great features you have and always be confident!


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