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Different Styles of Bikini Top

Posted by Annalisa Santos on

Women's swimsuit lingo can be a bit perplexing to the most trending fashion. There are so many different types of bathing swimsuit design points that it is hard to maintain them all straight. So we've put collectively a complete list of bikini top styles to assist you in discovering the perfect top.


Find out more below on what’s suitable for you. 

  • Bandeau Bikini Top

      A bandeau is a strapless pinnacle that is straight across. This one has off-the-shoulder sleeve details that are remarkable cute!

      • Triangle Bikini Top

          This term is tremendously straight forward, but in case you are nevertheless not clear—a bikini pinnacle with triangles protecting every part of your boobs in a triangle-shaped top.

          • Underwire Bikini Top

              Metal wires inserted into fabric casings under the bust to enhance the shape and support of the bust. This will enhance the shape and support your bust even more. Metal wires are inserted underneath the fabric casings. It gives you a bit larger elevation on your bust to flaunt it even more.

              • One Shoulder Bikini Top

                  There is one strap that goes along on one shoulder. This bikini top is asymmetrical and fashionable at the same time.

                  • Tie-Front Bikini Top

                      You can tie and adjust in your preferred fit in front of your bikini top to make it an easy on-and-off situation.

                      • Sport Bikini Top

                          This top doesn’t include underwire or padding that might interfere with your water activities. It has more coverage on your body and supports your bust, even more, to make it comfortable for you to move.

                          • High-Neck Bikini Top

                               This top closely fits until your neck. It has full coverage on your cleavage. It is best for women who are more conservative when it comes to their chest part. It uses racerback designs and tie backs to help maintain everything in the area.

                              • Longline Bikini Top

                                  It has similarities to a crop top, it shows a little lower on your rib cage compared to other bikinis.

                                  • Rash Guards or Swim Shirt

                                       This swimwear is most likely used in sports like surfing, scuba diving and etc. Nowadays, many people use them alternatively for their everyday swim tops to protect and prevent them from damaging and harmful UV rays. Some people also use this since it feels. It has a long or short-sleeved design that you can choose. This is also a suitable swimwear for women who want to speed up their diving under the water. 


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