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Different Bikini Bottom Styles

Posted by Annalisa Santos on

How we love going to the beach and have a relaxing day out in the sun! But how annoying is it when you can't relax because you feel you are wearing the wrong bikini bottom style? There are so many bikini bottom styles available that it can be hard to pick the bottoms that suit you best. That is if you even know what each bikini bottom style entails. No worries, we are here to help! Below you will find an overview of all the Hunkemöller bikini bottom styles so you can distinguish between the styles and pick your favorite bikini bottoms.

Don’t you love going out on the beach or seaside and flaunt your body out in the sun! But how irritating is it when you’re not comfortable with the bikini bottom style you’re wearing? There are many styles that you can wear without having to worry about how you will look like in your type of body.


  • Cheeky-Cut Bikini Bottom

A cheeky style suggests showing off your cheeky butt. While the front is a usual triangle cut. If you’ve been hitting the gym a lot, this style best fits for you. Cheeky bottoms are designed to be the perfect companion for days spent soaking under the sun. They only show fewer tan traces than full bottoms to help you obtain that sun-kissed seem that will make all of your swimming wear even greater and sexy.

If your body type is curvy or have a smaller bottom, cheeky bottoms can be a great addition to your swimwear.

  • High-Cut  Bikini Bottom

It is perfect for women who want to flaunt their beautiful legs. It creates an illusion by elongating it and it has a cheeky fit if you want to show off your bum. This fits perfectly from small to average size women.  

  • High-Waist Bikini Bottom

This is a retro vibe style. This is an ideal fashion for ladies who want to cover their tummy, it is also an illusion to create a clearer waistline and slimmer effect for ladies who are also plus size. Not only this style is fashionable but it’s also super comfortable when wearing it. It makes your legs look longer and it highlights your waist and curves.

  • Side-Tie Bikini Bikini Bottom

This bikini bottom has straps and tie on the side. It makes it easy to use when adjusting the bottom but this is not the ideal style when you have beach activities such as; running and jumping. You can easily mix and match any bikini top on this to create a more fashionable style as it slightly shows more skin due to the ties on the side. 

  • Boyshort Bikini Bottom

This style looks like shorts and gives you a lot of coverage in your bum. It is a perfect bikini bottom that you can use while having beach activities.

  • Scoop Bikini Bottom

This style offers a lengthening look, making your legs seem longer as you stroll by the beach or soak under the sun. With the help of spandex blended into the material, you may be capable to go conveniently on what the day brings. You can also pair with a range of swim tops for easy and versatile wear.

  • Full-Coverage Bikini Bottom

If you’re looking for a decent and simple style at the same time, this is the perfect bikini bottom for you. It gives good coverage of your bum and it most likely achieves your tan lines.  

  • Ruched Bikini Bottom

It is has a vintage style feel to the swimwear with a classic cut leg. The High Waisted Bottoms are intended to sit just above the belly button (so the waistband sits at the body’s natural curve of the waist. It has a classic cut leg style with a vintage vibe. This little detail in the center of this swimsuit bottom helps create a good looking bum illusion and can be determined in all types of two-pieces, from thongs to full coverage.

  • Thong Bikini Bottom

Bikini thongs appear just as the same as underwear thongs and supply little coverage on the butt area. Thongs are best if you do not want any visible tan lines when carrying underwear. They do require some amount of self-assurance as you show off your entire butt.

  • Skirted Bikini Bottom

Sleek and sophisticated with full flattering coverage. It is also an Innovative twist on your traditional one-piece swimsuit that women usually wear.


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