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Different Types of Dresses

Posted by Annalisa Santos on

If dressing up is your fashion mantra and you love finding more about fashion, let’s talk about each and every piece of dress that you might wanna try during special occasions or just a normal day. Below are the list of dress you should try on. 

Here is the list of the most important and basic types of dresses you can fashionably wear all throughout the day.

  • Tent Dress
  • It looks like a tent-like full dress. It has a saggy silhouette and is generally worn short. Perfectly wear it on summer days or feel like you want to wear that hangs loosely from the shoulders.

  • Yoke Dress
  • This dress has a fashioned pinnacle component of the bodice which separates from the bodice. It can also have a front or back yoke depending on the yoke style. 

  • Empire Line Dress
  • It is a flowy silhouette and a high waist dress and fitting support that fits only under the bust area. 

  • Shift Dress
  • It has an undefined waistline and also less curvy and they do not usually fit the body very closely.

  • Sheath Dress
  • The length of this dress is a little bit lower than the knees and is usually plain. Some sheath dress has slits starting above the knee. It is commonly mistaken as a shift dress but there are few differences in it.

  • Tunic Dress
  • It is pretty simple and a good choice if you feel lazy dressing up on that day. It has no curves and a loose-fitting dress. Other tunic dress has slit designs on your sidearms.

  • Princess Seam Dress
  • Princess seams are lengthy rounded seams sewn into women's blouses or shirts to add shaping or carefully follow a woman's shape. 

  • Blouson Dress
  • This dress has a string and a belt at the waist usually causing the torso part for the dress to blouse to fit perfectly around your waist. The hem falls straight to have a good fit on your body.

  • Shirt Waist Dress
  • It has a shirt design on the top portion and it includes a collar and buttons for opening in the front part. 

  • Wrap Around Dress
  • This dress can be fastened around the other side. It will also help you adjust by using the tie on its side. It has an asymmetrical closing so it can have your preferred fit for your waist. 

  • Bodycon Dress
  • It is a body-hugging dress that fits tightly around your body from top to bottom part and it usually ends above the knee. It creates a good figure on your body too.

  • Skater Dress
  • The upper part is fitted while the lower part is a flared circular skirt style. This dress is usually short and ends above the knee. 

  • Maxi dress
  • It is also called a long dress since it has an ankle-length or full length usually made with a flowy fabric.

  • Baby doll dress
  • A baby doll dress refers to a short sweet dress with a fitted bodice ( at times a bralette) and loosely gathered skirt. This is usually is used as a nightgown. 

  • Cocktail dress
  • As the name suggests, a cocktail dress is a choice for a schmaltzy party or drinks at the bar. A cocktail dress is a blend of formal and casual, it hits just at the knee and is perfect for “Cocktail” dress code events. This is a versatile dress, with different necklines and silhouettes, so you can find the ideal dress to suit you.

  • Camisole dress
  • This dress resembles the camisole worn as a slip or nightgown. A camisole dress is a longer version of this and is usually worn over tops

  • Harem dress
  • This is a full-length dress with a flared cut narrowing down to a narrower hem. It is usually made in a flowy fabric

  • Trumpet dress/Mermaid dress
  • A  trumpet dress has a fitted bodice till the knee or just below the knee where it flares to the hem. A style of a ballgown, the mermaid silhouette is the perfect dress for a black-tie occasion. 

  • Swing dress
  • A swing dress has fitted top portion near the bust and then flaring to a knee or above knee-length hem.

  • Tutu dress
  • Tutu dress is a tutu (gathered skirt made with tulle fabric ) with a bodice attached

  • Sun Dress
  • A sundress refers to any dress which is casual and suitable for the summer. They are usually made in flowy lightweight breathable fabrics. 

  • Corset dress
  • This is a dress that is fitted around the bust using a corset. The corset shapes the body with lacing

  • Gathered dress
  • This is a dress with a gathered waist

  • Shirtdress
  • This is a longer version of the shirt with collar and an opening in the front (full or partial)

    1. Party dress 

    This is a generic name for a dress worn for different kinds of parties. Basically, it is an elaborately made dress 

  • Off Shoulder Dress
  • A dress without straps or shoulder joining seams and sleeve caps; the shoulder is laid bare with the sleeves and the bodice cut off at the shoulders. 

  • One-shoulder dress
  • A dress with straps or shoulder joining seams only on one shoulder; the shoulder is laid bare on one side. 

  • Strapless Dress
  • This refers to a dress without straps holding the dress together at the shoulders. It is a form-fitting style of dress. 

  • Halterneck Dress
  • A halter dress is ideal for summer. Featuring a strapless or sleeveless upper half, with a tie around the neck. 

  • High Low Dress
  • A high-low dress is a form of asymmetrical dress. They are typically longer at the back, and shorter at the front. 

  • Pencil Dress
  • Named after the pencil shape, a pencil dress is typically nipped in at the waist, with a hem that hits below the knee and has no frills or flounce. 

  • Slip Dress
  • Unleash your inner grunge girl with a slip dress. You would typically wear this style as an undergarment; it is usually satin, with a V-neck line, spaghetti straps, and lace. 

  • Bardot Dress
  • With an off-the-shoulder motif, these dresses are complete with a sleeve that sits just below the shoulders.

  • Tube Dress
  • If you’re ready to make an entrance while making an impact, show off your assets in a tube dress! Tight, form-fitting and strapless. 

  • Bandage Dress
  • The bandage dress has a similar silhouette to the bodycon shape. However, its evolution is closer to shapewear. The dress got its name due to its ‘bandage’ construction, consisting of layers of knitted tape that hug the curves in all the right places.


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