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Different Types of Lingerie

Posted by Annalisa Santos on

There are many reasons you should understand all the types of lingerie. Maybe you’re in the end dipping your toes in the world of lingerie, or perhaps you’re simply brushing up on your brassiere knowledge.  Not solely will you increase your knowledge about these sexy little numbers, but you’ll also grow to be extra confident in deciding on the proper lingerie that is best for you. 

When you try to learn on which styles you will like to wear and best on your body type, you will definitely have no problem when shopping in your favorite lingerie stores.

Lingerie is a perfect way to show off a women’s physique as it flatters it and makes the lady seem to be extra alluring. 

  • Lingerie Sets
  • Lingerie units are a great addition to any wardrobe. It’s quality to have a nice set ready in your closet to pull out on a one of a kind occasion, but many lingerie units make extraordinary daily wear also.. A well-tailored lingerie set makes you seem to be as incredible as you feel, even if you’re the only one who sees it. If you’re dipping into lingerie for the first time, a matching set is an exact way to start building your collection.  

  • Lingerie Costumes
  • This is a creative and fancy style for you to wear. Mixing and matching won’t be a problem for this lingerie. Costumes can be colorful and fashionable at the same time.

  • Babydolls & Chemises
  • While babydolls and chemises each look like nightgowns, there are differences in these two.  Babydolls have a looser fit, a shorter hemline and have cups for more chest support. Chemises are commonly cozier and skim the body, hitting around mid-thigh.

  • Bodysuits & Teddies
  • Bodysuits offer shaping and smoothing, as well as breast support. It has full coverage on your tummy area. Teddies are another one-and-done piece of lingerie. This lingerie is meant to keep in the bedroom. Many teddies offer plunging necklines or come in sensual fabric like lace and satin. 

  • Crotchless Lingerie
  • These pieces come in all sorts of materials: fabric, from silk to sheer to lace. You’re not just constrained to panties, either. Crotchless lingerie additionally comes in all sizes, so you’ll be capable to find a piece that matches and looks like it used to be made for you.

  • Sexy Bra
  • There are different styles of bras for all occasions that are made up of velvet cloth, silk, and satin. You also need to get a well-fitted bra for good support on your breast. Sexy bras you might want to try are:

      • Adhesive bra- Best fits for body-fitting dress.
      • Balconette bra- It reveals the top half of the breasts and pushing it up.
      • Deep plunge bra- Suits best for women who want to flaunt their cleavage even more.
      • Bandeau bra- When you are wearing a tube dress and strapless tops, this is surely the best type you can wear.
      • Shelf bra- It supports your breast in the bottom part. This is most suited for small to medium bust size.

    1. Corsets & Bustiers
    2. This will help you shape and accentuate your curves by cinching the waist and support the breasts. It will flaunt your hourglass figure.

    3. See-through Lingerie
    4. This lingerie feels light, breathable compared to other lingerie fabrics.

    5. Garters & Garter Belts
    6. It keeps your stocking in place to keep it from falling out. In today’s generation, it is commonly used by brides. Garter belts have straps that can be also adjustable so you will be able to choose the right fit for you. It is historically used as anchors around the waist to help your stockings from falling down. 

    7. Bodystockings
    8. This lingerie is worn over the legs that offer more coverage compared to other lingerie. Most of the bodystockings are free-size or it fits all waist sizes since it is stretchable. 

    9. Bralette
    10. This fits ideally for women with small body figure. A bralette is a kind of bra that can double up as a pinnacle and is regularly worn for fashion and comfort. It usually has no wires or cups. It has thin, delicate straps with lace as part of the design. It provides a practical amount of assist in your bust area too.

    11. Pantyhose
    12. Pantyhose are super thin and close-fitting nylon tights protecting the legs starting from the waist to your toes. They are ultra-sheer and is so much similar to stockings, it can also be used as an alternative to pantyhose.  

    13. Sexy Hosiery
    14. A little retro, a little sexy, a lot of fun—hosiery is a great addition to not only a lingerie collection but to a fashion wardrobe. It’s simple to mix and match your hosiery with bras and panties you already have. In all sorts of styles like lace, fishnets or sheer, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and complements your wardrobe. 

    15. Hipster
    16. This underwear cut sits low on the hips and covers the backside with a little extra length on the bottom (but not as long as a boy short). It has more coverage and lends a more youthful and trendy look than traditional cuts, like the bikini, do. A lace style can be paired with a matching bra.

    17. Robe
    18. A luxe robe can be worn prewedding while you’re getting ready. Afterward, in the honeymoon suite, open it to reveal the sexy underthings of your choice—or nothing at all. Skip the typical terry cloth bathrobe and choose a more luxurious fabric.

    19. Romper
    20. In the lingerie world, a romper is basically a cami and tap short in one. In other words, a one-piece with short-shorts attached. They tend to have a playful vibe and may be made of cotton or other comfy material and are cozy enough to lounge around in the morning after the wedding. Others are made of mesh or tulle, and are see-through strictly for sex appeal.

    21. Thong
    22. Thong underwear is super skimpy, with only a small strip of fabric in the back to show off your backside. On the wedding night, you can pair your thong with a cami, chemise, bustier, corset and/or a garter belt and thigh-highs—or nothing at all.

    23. Camisole and Tap Short
    24. A camisole (aka cami) is a lingerie tank top, usually with spaghetti straps. Choose one in a silky or satin fabric with lace accents for a luxe vibe, and pair it with tap shorts, which are lingerie short-shorts.


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