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Different Types of Tops

Posted by Annalisa Santos on

Women's clothing is a large market in the trend enterprise which continues on updating itself with new and contemporary apparel designs. The girls’ garment consists of both Indian and Western outfits in a variety of colors and patterns. One of the western outfits that is going viral is the women’s top design. The tops are accessible in all distinctive sizes in a massive range of short and long lengths.

Made from polyester, silk, cotton, etc., They also have obtained a vicinity in the wardrobes of the ladies for a fashionable look. Whether you desire to wear it on skinny jeans or long leggings, they usually give you an attractive yet comfortable feeling to wear.

Here are some types of tops for women:

  • Crop Top
  • It is stitched a little bit shorter to permit the stomach to be visible when worn on mini skirts. It is more likely a midriff top that flaunts your belly.

  • Blouse Top
  • Blouses are extra forgiving than shirts and less complicated to suit a range of physique types because they are gentle and drapey. It has different varieties of length for the sleeves and it rarely has a collar on it.

  • Tank Top
  • This pinnacle consists of a sleeveless shirt with a low neck or a scoop neckline and a waist-length sleeveless pullover top

  • Peplum
  • Top has a tight bodice with a flared skirt attached to it from the waistline. It has a flared skirt attached to it in the waistline and has a circular fashion.

  • Wrap Top
  • The other side of the bodice is wrapped across the other side. 

  • Longline or Maxi Tops
  • The length of this top reaches till the ankles. It also has long slits usually starting from above the knee.

  • Camisole Top
  • It has a noodle strap on it and a little bit of fitting. It is sometimes worn as an undergarment. 

  • Off Shoulder Top
  • It is trendy to wear on different occasions. This top flaunts your shoulders and its a loose type. The length of this depends on the wearer. 

  • Asymmetric Top
  • The hemline doesn't have a straight line or asymmetrical. It is designed for a slim fit. 

  • Tie-front Top
  • It can be either cropped or waist length depending on your preference. Use the tie located at the hem to adjust.

  • Tube Top
  • It has no straps and super fit to your body and it is stretchable. Also known as a boob top. 

  • Bodysuit Top
  • It is a fitted one-piece outfit with stretchable fabric.

  • Tube Top
  • If you want to show your sexy shoulders, then this top is an ardent pick for you. A tube top has an elasticated neck which is just above the bust and covers your upper torso. Tube tops go well with capris, shorts, tight jeans, palazzo, short skirts or long skirts and try on footwear like pumps, sneakers or heels with it.

  • Cold shoulder Top
  • This is a top with a cut out on the top of the sleeves so that skin is bare between strap of the bodice and the sleeve. It is also called an open or split shoulder top.

  • Bralette Top
  • Bralette top is a cropped fitting top that looks like a bra with thin straps and bust cups without the hook and eye closures

  • Bustier Top
  • This is a tight-fitting figure-hugging top with brassiere cups that give support and shape to the busts. The Bustier top is similar to a corset with the difference in the cups and the fact that bustiers may have straps

  • Camisole Top
  • A close-fitting sleeveless top ( usually worn as an undergarment ) with noodle straps 

  • Choker Top
  • This top has a V neck and a band that looks like a choker just under the neck. It looks like a cut out has been made under the neckband in a V-shape

  • Corset Top
  • This is a top that looks like a corset – the strapless sleeveless tight-fitting garment in fabric with steel boning to shape your waist. A hook and eye closure or a lace-up closure is used to fasten the corset top

  • Halter Top
  • A sleeveless top with a halter neckline with a narrow band or ties across the neckline keeping the bodice together

  • High Low Top
  • This is top with back bodice cut a lot lower than the front bodice resulting in an asymmetrical look

  • Keyhole Top
  • This type of top has a small cutout or keyhole-shaped opening on the U shaped neckline.

  • Lace-up Top
  • A top that has a lace-up opening on the front of the bodice or the back or the side seams.

  • Layered Top
  • A top made in a flowy fabric like chiffon with more than one layer of fabric 

  • Princess line Top
  • This is a fitted top made by joining long vertical panels – A front bodice of the princess top usually consists of 3 panels. The vertical seams act as darts and give shape to the garment

  • Spaghetti strap Top
  • Sleeveless top with spaghetti straps joining the front and back bodices

    Whether you are a jeans and tee type of lady or someone who loves to experiment on what they wear, you are constantly on the lookout that best matches your sense of style.No matter how many special kinds of tops and t-shirts you would possibly own, they are by no means seem enough, specifically when it comes to day by day put on tops.


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