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Evolution Of Women’s Sportswear

Posted by Annalisa Santos on

Switching on any sports activities channel on television, you will quickly discover that men dominate most of the sports played around the world. Sports like; rugby, football, basketball, and etc. Almost all these sport’s group consists almost entirely of men. There are a few motives for this, however, one of the predominant reasons is that men tend to choose extra physical pastime than women, and men also have a deeper aggressive nature, causing them to desire to compete against their fellow men for something they want to win. Despite this, women have a lengthy phase of every activity that guys play and are simply as proficient and skilled in anything they take part in.

Early 20th Century

Women were not believed to be very aggressive or competitive in sports, and because of this, many of the clothing line produced for ladies that is designed to be more fashionable than practical. Women’s apparel was restricted when it comes to active movement and various degrees, and some sports became extremely hard for women. Clothing items such as skirts and blouses had been quite common, and it’s not challenging to see why a skirt might impede the movement when it comes to playing sports.

After a few decades, things got a little easier as females started sporting trousers, which started out changing skirts for most sports. This made movement far less difficult for energetic women and allowed them to compete at a higher stage than before.

Post World War II 

Synthetic fibers started being produced across the world and in large quantities or amounts, which means that clothing items were once capable to be created rapidly and cheaply. 

The War gave upward thrust to a lot of unique innovations, and one of these used to be clothing, which was once coupled with mass production techniques. The end of the fighting was once additionally the early starting factor for a lot of the women’s rights movement that would take area a few decades later. 

Modern Sportswear

Since the 1950s until today, the fashion industry for sportswear trends grew to become a huge section of the western world, along with increasingly higher manufacturing using cheap materials. This culminated in a good deal in functional sportswear for a female that developed alongside the women’s rights actions that modified the contemporary world.


Today, women have access to realistic clothing that permits them to take part in any activity of their choosing, and there are no more days where women’s sports clothing only existed to promote fashion. They can finally wear it for active sports that are designed for them.


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